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2020 "What Home Means to Me" Poster & Essay Contest

Though we cannot host our live events this year, NCCHA is still here to help HCV program kids get involved in the 2020 DE-NAHRO "What Home Means to Me" Poster & Essay Contest, to explore their creativity and have a chance to win some great prizes!

Everything needed to participate is linked here. OR, if you do not have a printer, or need art supplies, NCCHA can mail you out an entry packet for each child, containing their choice of crayons or colored pencils. This year’s contest will accept posters of 8.5 x 11" or larger.

Completed packets (poster, essay, application and parental release are all required) can be sent by email - including a high-resolution picture of the poster and scans of all forms - OR through US mail to our offices. 

To request an entry packet, contact Matt Alexander at 302-395-5596, or email Matthew.Alexander@NewCastleDE.gov. Completed submissions should also be sent to Mr. Alexander at this email address.

All entries submitted through NCCHA must be received by  NCCHA no later than August 1, 2020!

For further information, please see:

ATTN:  All tenants are still required to pay their portion of the rent during COVID-19 outbreak

Residents who experience a change of income through potential lay-offs or terminations due to business closures are encouraged to report income changes immediately by providing documentation of the decrease. Please note that ALL correspondence must be sent by mail, fax or email, as there is no longer a dropbox outside our building as of April 1.

For further information about NCCHA’s response to the novel Coronavirus outbreak, please see our Special Operations for COVID-19.

Clients: Report Changes As Soon As Possible! 

In order for changes to Rent to take effect the following month, you must report any changes in employment/income or household composition by the 15th of the month. Examples:

  • If a decrease change is received on July 8, the change in tenant payment will be for August 1.
  • If the change is not received until July 16, the change in tenant payment will be effective September 1.

We are now performing Annual Re-Certifications by Mail! 

Clients will receive their Re-Cert Packet in the mail and must either return it, completed and signed, or request a time for an office appointment.

Updated 6/29/20

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