Rental Housing Advisory Committee


  • William H. Dunn, Millcreek / Limestone Civic Alliance
  • Linda Farrall-Smith, Delaware Apartment Association
  • Deborah I. Gottschalk, Community Legal Aid Society, Inc.
  • Matthew Heckles, Delaware State Housing Authority
  • George Losse’, Claymont Community Coalition

  • Michael Morton, Delaware Apartment Association
  • Dr. Steven W. Peuquet, Community Research and Service
  • Albert D. Washington, Assistant Land Use Administrator
  • Robert Weir, New Castle County Board of Realtors
  • Three Vacancies

About the Committee

The Rental Housing Advisory Committee is appointed by County Council with the advice and consent of the county executive. The committee is comprised of nine members, eight have been appointed to date. The code provides for broad based representation on the committee. It requires the following as it relates to the make-up of the committee:

  • One community representative with experience in housing and related issues
  • One representative from the Delaware State Housing Authority
  • One representative from the New Castle County Association of Realtors
  • Two representatives from New Castle County civic organizations
  • Two representatives from the New Castle County residential rental landlord community, one of which must belong to the Delaware Apartment Association or a similar successor organization
  • Two representatives from the residential tenant community, at least one of whom shall represent a tenants’ advocacy organization

Committee Responsibilities

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Advising the Department of Land Use on matters of policy and implementation of the registration, inspection processes, and approve changes to the Tenants’ Rights Guide.
  • Study the effectiveness of the processes and suggest changes for improvements. Propose additional rental unit inspection criteria, and review the random inspection process.
  • Maintain ongoing dialogue between the Department of Land Use, landlords, tenants, civic associations, and the community.
  • Make recommendations to County Council regarding changes to the rental code.

Legislative Authority

New Castle County, Chapter 19, Rental Code, adopted by County Council on June 28, 2005, signed by the county executive on July 11, 2005.