Housing Advisory Board

The Housing Advisory Board is currently being reactivated with appointments of Housing Advisory Board Members pending. Once activated, the Housing Advisory Board meetings will be published on the web page.

Board Responsibilities

The Housing Advisory Board is a 9 member board responsible for reviewing and providing comments on affordable housing programs for very low and low-income households, with an emphasis on promoting fair housing choices and increased housing opportunities throughout New Castle County. Reports are provided to the County Executive and County Council by the Department of Community Services and Department of Land Use. The board advises the County Executive, County Council, and relevant County departments on home-ownership opportunities, incentives, supply and availability of rental housing, rental policy and New Castle County Housing Trust Fund related functions.

The Board reviews and provides comments on revisions to the New Castle County Housing Trust Fund, and Chapter 7 Division 40.07.300 through Division 40.07.353 as it relates to very low, low and moderate income housing.

Membership Requirements

The New Castle County Housing Advisory Board shall consist of nine members of the public representing diverse interests, included but not limited to, development and housing, for-profit and non-profit housing providers, realtors, housing and homeless advocates, financial services, tenant advocates, landlords and community representatives.