Board of License, Inspection & Review

Regular Meetings

  • Meet as needed
  • New Castle County Government Center
    87 Read's Way
    New Castle, DE 19720


  • Toren Williams, Chair
  • Jonathan Cochran, Vice Chair
  • John Grieshaber
  • Charles McAllister
  • Paul Watts

About the Board

The board is made up of five members appointed by the county, four of whom serve terms of four years, and one who serves as the chairperson and at the pleasure of the county executive. The chairperson appoints a vice chairperson from among the members who presides in his/her absence. Preference shall be given to candidates who are:

  • Qualified professionals in the construction industry
  • Members of a recognized trade construction industry
  • Members of a recognized trade association
  • In the field of construction engineering


The board hears appeals regarding the issuance, transfer, renewal, refusal, suspension, revocation, or cancellation of a county license or with respect to the effect of any county inspection. 

Following the meeting of the public notice, the applicant or his/her designee will make the presentation in support of the appeal. A representative of the county then makes presentation in opposition to the appeal. Members of the public who wish to speak in support of the applicant may then speak, followed by those who wish to speak in opposition. An opportunity for rebuttal is then provided to the applicant. The board may require a further hearing for the purpose of supplementing the record.

Legal Authority

9 Delaware Code, Section 1315

New Castle County Code, Chapter 2, Section 123

LIRB Decisions

Annual Reports