New Plans

What’s Behind that Yellow Sign?The Department of Land Use requires 4-foot by 4-foot yellow informational signs to be posted in a conspicuous location for each proposed development plan during the review process.  These signs include a detailed depiction of the proposed project and contact information for the applicant.

The following plans have been submitted to the Department most recently, typically within the past two weeks, and are listed by Council District. To view more information, please click on the project description. 

All currently active plans may also be found in the list of all Active Plans.

Council District 2

North side of Woodview Drive, 178 feet west of Angel Drive.
Site Plan to construct a 720 gross floor area booster pump station with associated improvements. Artesian – Tybrook Booster Station. NC6.5 Zoning. (App. 2021-0212-S)

Council District 3

West side of Limestone Road, 480 feet south of Haileys Trail.
Site Plan to construct a 720 gross floor area booster pump station. Artesian – Pike Creek Booster Station.  NC21 Zoning. (App. 2021-0216-S)

Council District 11

North side of Old Baltimore Pike, 1,600 feet east of Albe Drive.
Resubdivision Plan to revise lot line between parcel 09-037.00-031 and 09-033.00-017. AstraZeneca Newark. I Zoning. CD 11. (App. 2021-0211-S)

East side of Walther Road, 1,200 feet north of Pierce Run.
Minor Land Development Plan to update existing record plan to document site features and structures that may have been constructed after 1992 and permit the current residential, commercial, and industrial uses. 563 Walther Road.  S Zoning. (App. 2021-0220-S)