Urban Youth Empowerment Program

The Urban Youth Empowerment Program is designed to connect underserved youth in urban areas. The Empowerment program will introduce participants to horses, horse care, and barn work.   The goal of this program is to introduce young people to the possibilities that working with horses can bring. Horses teach trust, patience, hard work, and determination, and provide youth with lifelong skills.  

The Urban Youth Empowerment Program has three components designed to be a building block of skills and knowledge for the participants. 

Barn Tour: Groups of 4-10 Participants

Introduction to a Horse Farm 

This program is designed to be one hour in length. For most participants, this will be their first introduction to horses and being in a horse stable. Carousel Park barn staff will guide guests on an educational tour of the Carousel Park Horse Barn and riding arenas. The educational tour includes meeting the horses, stable terminology,  and an overview of how a working stable operates. The tour culminates with a horse or pony grooming session and a question and answer session. 

Horse Care Tour: Groups of 4-6 Participants 

Introduction to Horse Care 

This program is designed to be 2 hours long and will provide a more hands-on look at the horses at Carousel Park. Carousel Park barn staff will introduce how to lead a pony/horse, correctly groom, saddle, and bridle a horse, and proper mounting and riding procedures. Each child will get an opportunity to ride a horse.  

Horse Care and Ride: Groups of 2-4 Participants per group

Six-week program of horse care and riding

Prerequisite: Group members must have participated in the Barn Tour and Horse Care Tour to be eligible    

This program is designed to be 2-3 hours per week, depending on the number of participants. Participants learn hands-on horse care and stable management. From cleaning stalls to leading horses to and from the barn, participants will get a chance to learn the responsibility of working in a barn and caring for horses. Participants in the Horse Care and Ride program will get a more in-depth riding lesson of at least 30 minutes. Participants must commit to the full 6-week program to be eligible.  


  • Participants between the ages of 8-17 
  • Participants must complete appropriate wavier and release forms 

Please call 302-995-7670 for more information.