Stormwater Maintenance Program

Stormwater management facility owners are comprised of both residential and commercial property owners. Stormwater management facilities in residential communities are typically under the guidance of a Maintenance Corporation, which is formed by the land developer at the beginning of the subdivision project planning. The Maintenance Corporation consists of the lot owners of record. In accordance with their Maintenance Declaration, they are responsible for maintaining any stormwater management facilities, within their community. To assist residential stormwater management facility owners, a Stormwater Maintenance Program (formerly known as the Amnesty Program), was developed. In exchange for registering, agreeing to inspect their facilities and performing all of their necessary routine maintenance and minor repairs, New Castle County will cover the cost of major repairs, provided funding is available. Participation in the Stormwater Maintenance Program requires filing an annual registration and submitting a yearly maintenance log for each facility. Both of these items are to be accomplished no later than January 31st of each calendar year.All stormwater management facilities require some level of maintenance to operate properly. Ultimately, the maintenance organization is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the stormwater facilities located in the community.

Maintenance Corporation Registration